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A new commissary, Sunflavors Corporation, which is a sister company of Bacolod Chicken Inasal, was completed in November 2005. Sunflavors services the requirements of all existing BCI branches; however, it was built to accommodate the future demands of BCI. Sunflavors can also service the requirements of other food establishments. Sunflavors offers an efficient food production system with a centralized production process that allows economies of scale and reduces the cost of food production. At the production commissary of Sunflavors, the food is stored, prepared, portioned, packaged and distributed to the restaurants such that the food is ready for consumption with minimal cooking.
Our Commissary Staff
Our Commissary
SUNflavors is a strategic partner of Bacolod Chicken Inasal (BCI) chain of restaurants. SUNflavors is operating the centralized food production commissary for BCI for all its restaurants in Manila.
SUNflavors is a 780 square meter commissary designed based on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines to ensure food safety. The facilities at the commissary includes a cold processing area, walk-in freezers, chest freezers, marinating tumbler, food production area, warehouse and refrigerated vans.

SUNflavors follows standard sanitary operating procedures at the commissary. Floors have resin epoxy treatment which makes it food grade and anti skid. The facility has a carefully planned stainless drainage system with grease trap.

Most of the production staff at SUNflavors has more than a decade of food production experience. The staff at SUNflavors has developed expertise in customizing different cuisines to the Filipino palate.
The design and flow of the 780 square meter commissary was based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines. Some of the features of the commissary are as follows:
Cold Room Processing Area
Storage with Schaeffer racking systems
Cold Room Processing Area – to maintain freshness and quality of products while being processed
Walk-in Freezers & Individualized Chest Freezers – A GMP food storage practice
PVC Insulation Panels & Ceilings – heat insulation, no mist from ceiling, smooth, non-absorbent
Floors are food grade/ anti skid Resin Epoxy Treatment (US technology) – smooth, Non-toxic & non-absorbent
Coving, sloped floors – a GMP design for easy cleaning  
No glass policy followed – to avoid glass particles in the food if there’s a breakage
Drainage system is stainless, with internal slope and with grease trap (German technology)
A tumbler that speeds up marinating and maintains quality (Taiwan technology)
Most equipment are stainless – food grade, easy to clean, does not stain
  Racking systems from Schaeffer (German technology)
  • Lower food and supply costs due to economies of scale
  • Lower labor costs due to increased productivity from high volume production
  • Quality control
  • Consistency in taste through centralization and automation
  • Cost saving due to shared utilization of facility
  • Efficient inventory control
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